With over 3000 accounts across Mexico and the US, WITAS is one of the true leaders in parts for mining and industrial fabrication etc.

Our Background

Originating as a mining company, our journey has been one of dynamic evolution and strategic adaptation. Established with a focus on mining operations, we quickly recognized the broader needs of the industry. Leveraging our expertise, we made a strategic pivot to become a comprehensive provider, specializing in stocking and distributing the essential parts used in mining activities. This transition allowed us to not only meet the demands of our own operations but also cater to the diverse requirements of the wider mining sector. Today, as a dedicated supplier, we take pride in offering a wide range of high-quality parts crucial for mining processes, contributing to the efficiency and success of mining operations across the industry.

Our Team

We are a young company with the aim of providing practical solutions and comprehensive support for monitoring and supply of components, spare parts and supplies based on the specific needs in the fields: Mining and exploration drilling.